[MA Local] Emerald Tutu Floating Wetlands Tour

[MA Local] Emerald Tutu Floating Wetlands Tour
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July 23, 2024, 10am to noon.

Join local students of Jim Laurie’s Symbiosis Team to get an up front and personal view of the floating wetlands designed for Boston Harbor.

This is the innovative project of modular floating
wetlands in East Boston that was shown in the documentary, Inundation District, on sea level rise in Boston. The wetlands are on salt water, but like those in Providence and in Cambridge, constructed with coir matting to host a variety of aquatic plants which in this context help buffer the shoreline from battering waves in extreme weather, absorb storm water, provide habitat for threatened marine life, and engender biodiversity. We’ll get to see how these prototypes handle the buffeting of that particular environment and what plants do well there.
Hosted by Gabriel Cira, the architect leading the team that has been developing, tending, and experimenting with modular wetlands as a response to climate

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Not local to the Boston area of MA? Look for the blog post that is sure to follow later in the summer. And be sure to sign up for Jim’s fall class from anywhere in the world! [not yet posted]