Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Bio4Climate) is looking for motivated people to help with outreach and communications, website development, research and writing, and hosting Bio4Climate events.  Depending upon the activity, Bio4Climate will provide you with an orientation, materials, and training.

Outreach and communications

Bio4Climate is looking for motivated volunteers to communicate the many opportunities to combat climate change, particularly here in the Northeast, in other forums, including climate change rallies, blogs, letters to the editor, and magazine submissions.  Please contact Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org.

Website development

Bio4Climate is looking for talented website developers to assist in website development, graphic design, and website maintenance.

Please contact Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org.

Hosting a Bio4Climate potluck or other event

Bio4Climate holds a monthly holistic management potluck.  Led by Adam Sacks and Jim Laurie and other members of Bio4Climate, we discuss materials relating to holistic management, climate change, and ecosystem restoration, including Ted Talks, books, papers, magazine articles, and news stories.  All interested are invited to attend.  If you would like more information hosting a potluck or other event, please contact Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org.

Scientific research and writing

One of Bio4Climate’s core missions is to a clearing house of information relating climate and ecosystem restoration and holistic management as an eco-restoration process.  Critical to this mission would be collecting and synthesizing new and existing scientific materials.  Target audiences would include holistic management practitioners here in the Northeast and elsewhere, policymakers, activists, academics, scientists, and others. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the scientific underpinnings of holistic management and to gain research and writing experience.

Please contact Jim Laurie, jim.laurie@bio4climate.org or Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org

5. Grant research and writing

Bio4Climate is looking for individuals with experience in researching and writing grant opportunities. This is a great opportunity for an individual looking to develop such experience in scientific and policy-related fields, as either a student or a professional. Please contact Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org.

6. Other

If you have other ideas on how you would like to help Bio4Climate, please feel free to contact Adam Sacks, adam.sacks@bio4climate.org.


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