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adam - field in bgrndAdam Sacks, Executive Director.  Adam has had careers in education, holistic medicine, computer technology, politics and advocacy.  For five years he directed a non-profit that worked with communities invoking basic democratic and constitutional principles to oppose detrimental local corporate activity.  He has been a climate activist since 1999 and has been studying and writing about Holistic Management since 2007. On the side he is an artist, writer and student of classical piano.  His primary goal is regeneration of biodiversity and a livable planet.


Jim Laurie, Restoration Ecologist.  Jim is a biologist from Rice University and is a pioneer in biological remediation of waste water. He was the technical manager of the world’s largest “Living Machine” project to clean raw municipal sewage with no toxic chemicals. The facility, through a grant from the EPA, processed 80,000 gallons/day using the “living machine” methodology invented by ecological visionary, and Buckminster Fuller Award recipient, John Todd.  Prior to that, for twenty years Jim was a biologist and trainer in the chemical industry in Houston, TX, where his work with living machines resulted in processing effluent cleaner than possible with conventional technology. Jim has also been a passionate advocate for Holistic Management of grasslands in the past decade.  He began studying with Allan Savory twenty years ago in Texas, has spoken about Holistic Management at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, the Stockholm Environment Institute, and at meetings of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) and Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA), and has been instrumental in spreading the message in New England.  Jim is also co-founder of a lively and sophisticated Google Group, Soil-Age, and he invites you to join!

paula phipps

Paula Phipps, Associate Director, holds a Masters Degree from Tuft’s Eliot-Pearson School as a teacher/therapist for preschool disturbed children and their families. For the last 20 years she has been a preschool director and Childrens’ Services Director for a Head Start program in Somerville, Massachusetts. For the past 2 years she has focused on raising awareness of the enormity and immediacy of the threat of climate disruption  and its effects on children.  She has been actively involved in Cambridge, Massachusetts politics and advocacy for many years

Board of Directors

Philip Bogdonoff, Director, Washington DC Chapter, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate.  Past trustee and board chair, Friends Community School; Co-founder, Sustainable Washington Alliance; Vice President, Millennium Institute; Consultant, World Bank Environment Department; Research Assistant, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University.  Philip and Jim Laurie constructed Washington, DC’s first “Living Machine” more than 15 years ago.

Ana Sofia Gonzalez is an environmentalist with chemical engineering background focused on restorative agroforestry in dry lands to increase resilience of food production systems. She is currently developing strategies that propose restorative food systems as a mitigation strategy to reduce forced migration caused by climate change. Sofia is Founder of, a consultancy firm in Mexico focused on design and implementation of restorative ecological systems for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change challenges in the urban and rural environments.

Sharon McGregorSharon McGregor is a biologist, environmental policy administrator, educator, and consultant, most recently serving as Assistant Secretary for the Environment (Biological Conservation and Ecosystem Protection) for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (MA EOEEA).  As Assistant Secretary and chief policy advisor for natural resources protection, she administered a pioneering biodiversity conservation and ecosystem protection program.  Included in this program was state-wide mapping of biodiversity and the partnering of scientists and “citizen scientists” in local documentation of biodiversity – both to inform state and local land use and conservation decision-making.  Sharon convened an interagency group of restoration ecologists to work together to implement whole ecosystem restoration projects, made official by the creation of the MA Division of Ecological Restoration.  As Director of Water Policy and Planning for the MA EOEEA, Sharon united multiple interests to develop and implement a national model watershed protection program. The first director of the New England Aquarium’s conservation program, Sharon promoted policies and programs to further conservation of marine and freshwater resources.  For the National Wildlife Federation, she performed wildlife policy research and analysis, developed reports for the Department of Interior and documents for use in endangered species protection litigation, and wrote Endangered Species Act testimony for Congress. The rapid loss of Sharon’s hometown nature to development inspired her to research and propose legislation that became the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (2000).  Sharon’s professional passion is bringing biological diversity and ecosystem health considerations to all aspects of government, business, and individual decision-making. She holds a Masters in Public and Nonprofit Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire.

 stephan_rogers_pr_04-001 - webStephan Rogers is CEO of AC Fox, a leader in the production of biochar production equipment and setting the standard for high quality biochar production. He has been the principal in multiple successful startup companies and has provided business management services for over 25 years. Most recently, Stephan was a co-founder and CEO of Qteros Inc. in 2007, and assisted in raising over $30 million in funding for the company. Stephan has also devoted a significant portion of his career to addressing problems of low income populations, working in areas of affordable housing and economic development. He assisted with the implementation of the of the micro credit industry in the US in the early stages of its development. He also has significant large-scale project management and strong financial management experience. Stephan holds a Masters degree in International Management.

nancy lee wood - web

Nancy Lee Wood, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology at Bristol Community College (BCC) in Fall River, MA and Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Post-carbon Education (ISPE), which she established in 2008.  She is a life-long activist, participating in the anti-Vietnam War/Peace Movement, the anti-Nuclear Movement, the anti-Apartheid Movement, the International Women’s Movement and most recently, the Climate Change/Peak Oil Movement and has taken leading roles with many other peace and sustainability organizations.  Since 2007, she has organized numerous local sustainability events and has given many presentations and lectures regarding the impacts of fossil fuel depletion on industrial society. She also developed an Associate Degree major in Sustainability for BCC as a model for other community colleges to adopt.  In her spare time, she is training to become a Master Gardener.

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