Work with Us

Work with Us

There are exciting and rewarding internship and volunteer opportunities at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Bio4Climate), a nonprofit based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Our mission is to promote the restoration of ecosystems to address global warming. Education, public information campaigns, organizing, scientific investigation, collaboration with like-minded organizations, research and policy development are all elements of our strategy.


An internship with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate is a great opportunity to learn about the central role that ecosystem restoration can and must play in addressing global warming. Ideal for current college students or recent graduates who are looking for experience with an environmental non-profit, as well as anyone from high school age to senior citizen who wants to participate in an exciting regenerative approach to global systems problems.  We work closely with interns to ensure enjoyable and productive learning experiences.

Interns play a crucial and creative role at Bio4Climate.  They can expect to jump right in, acquire new skills and knowledge, and work both individually and in small groups in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Depending upon the activity and position, Bio4Climate will provide you with an orientation, materials, and training. Internships are generally unpaid, but funding may be available through outside grants. College credit is possible.  If you are a student and would like to pursue an internship, please contact  All internship opportunities require a minimum commitment of 10 hours a week for 6 months, preferably longer.

The positions listed below are open on an ongoing basis. Please inform us of your time-frame as part of your application.  If you have skills you would like to offer that aren’t listed here, please include that information when you apply.

To apply:

Please send your resume to Indicate in the subject line of the email the title of the internship for which you are applying. Include a statement of around 500 words to give us an idea of how the internship fits in with your experience, interests, and goals.

Social Media, Writing, and Online Outreach

Responsibilities: Working with our Social Media Coordinator on Bio4Climate’s Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Linkedin and other social media accounts, identifying opportunities (such as in the general media) where raising such an awareness is necessary, drafting letters to the editor, writing blog posts, participation in online Q&A and commenting online.

Skills needed: Excellent writing skills, some understanding of climate change issues, experience with social media and general media campaigns.  You will receive training and reading materials on the current scientific understanding of the role of ecosystem regeneration to reverse global warming.

Graphic Design

Responsibilities: collaborating with outreach director and presenters to develop digital and hardcopy materials for events, presentations, and general outreach. Intern could attend and help to represent Bio4Climate at conferences and events.

Skills needed:  Experience with and interest in graphic design and communications.

Fundraising and Development

Responsibilities: Assist in the identification of and outreach to potential funders, including individuals, foundations, and businesses. Includes research and assessment of potential funders, drafting grant applications and development of outreach materials.

Skills/interest needed: Grant writing, presentation, research.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Responsibilities: work with the Outreach Director and Executive Director to create a crowdfunding campaign.

Skills needed: Interest in designing and launching a crowdfunding campaign, experience preferred. Helpful skills include creating and producing short videos, good communication with donors and other volunteers, and an interest in marketing.

Scientific Review and Writing

Responsibilities: Work with the editor of our Compendium, an online review of scientific papers supporting ecosystem restoration to address biodiversity loss and climate change. You will learn about scientific basis for regenerating a healthy planet and gain research and writing experience. You will have the opportunity to review scientific research, annotate existing sources, correspond with scientists and ecosystem restoration practitioners, and draft responses to questions arising online and in print.

Skills needed: Some familiarity with scientific journal research, along with experience writing, organizing information, and good computer skills.

Conference and Lecture Intern

Bio4Climate offers one or two conferences a year and several lectures on topics of interest to anyone concerned with biodiversity and climate.

Responsibilities: Assist with event planning, publicity, post-event follow-up, coordinate with other organizations, and miscellaneous event duties.

Skills and interest needed: Experience with event coordination is helpful, along with familiarity with technology (especially online conferencing), and publicity.

Organizational Research and Liaison Intern

Responsibilities: Researching organizations for collaborative opportunities, especially those who may be open to Bio4Climate’s approach but are not yet familiar with our work.

Skills and experience desired:  One or more of following: education or training in international development, organizing/networking experience, hands on land-management experience and/or experience working in the farming community, knowledge of issues relevant to land and resource managers.

If you do not see a suitable internship position posted here but would like to work with us, please contact Adam Sacks, Please title your email “Internship: Letter of Inquiry” and include a description of 500 words or less of your proposed internship position along with your resume.


Please send all volunteer requests to

Outreach and Communications

Bio4Climate is looking for motivated volunteers to communicate the many opportunities to address biodiversity loss and climate change in a variety of ways, including assisting staff, attending rallies, writing blog posts, letters to the editor, and magazine submissions.  

Hosting a Bio4Climate Potluck or Other Event

Bio4Climate will resume our monthly potluck/discussion in Cambridge, Mass. once the pandemic is over.  Led by Adam Sacks and Jim Laurie and other members of Bio4Climate, we discuss materials relating to holistic management, climate change, and ecosystem restoration, including Ted Talks, books, papers, magazine articles, and news stories.  All interested are invited to attend.  If you would like more information about hosting a potluck or other event, please contact

Scientific research and writing

One of Bio4Climate’s core missions is to a clearing house of information relating climate and ecosystem restoration. Critical to this mission is collecting and synthesizing new and existing scientific materials, which we present in our Compendium.  Target audiences include policymakers, activists, academics, scientists, and the general public. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the scientific underpinnings of biodiversity and ecological restoration and to gain research and writing experience.

Grant Research and Writing

Bio4Climate is looking for individuals with experience in researching and writing grant proposals. This is an opportunity for an individual looking to develop such experience in scientific and policy-related fields, as either a student or a professional.


If you have other ideas on how you would like to help Bio4Climate, please feel free to contact us at