Regenerating Life: A Film by John Feldman and Hummingbird Films


How to cool the planet, feed the world, and live happily ever after

A three-part documentary film by John Feldman

Regenerating Life is a three part documentary that highlights the importance of biodiversity and natural ecosystems in regulating the climate.

Our friend John Feldman shares his journey through the science and the stories that helped him see the climate crisis in a whole new light. Visits with:

  • Vandana Shiva, Navdanya
  • Karen Washington, farmer/activist; Co-owner Rise&Root Farm
  • Leah  and Naima Penniman, Soul Fire Farm
  • Vijay Kumar, Executive Vice Chairman, Rythu Sadhikara Samstha (RySS)
  • Govt of Andhra Pradesh
  • Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
  • Satish Kumar, Resurgence Trust
  • Steffen Schneider, Institute for Mindful Agriculture

…and many more familiar names fill in the picture. The full list of speakers featured in the film is here.

Show the film in your community

Bio4Climate Community Screening
Toolkit available soon.

  • Host in-person screening at your local movie theater, church, school or community center
  • Host virtual screening on Zoom or Google Meet. At Bio4Climate, we showed the movie’s three 45-minute parts over 3 consecutive meetings
  • Host local institution / college / university screenings

Boston Film Premiere
A Great Success

Our Boston Premiere at Tufts University was a tremendous success! It was exciting to see about 100 people come together to experience how John Feldman wove the many threads of the importance of nature to climate stability together in the film. Read more and share your reactions.

Discussions during the Intermission
Panel: Dr. Anastassia Makariev, Tom Goreau, Dan Kittredge, Judith D. Schwartz
Moderator: Didi Pershouse

The climate crisis can only be mitigated by regenerating the complex system that maintains and regulates the climate, the system humans have been destroying for centuries: the system of Life, what some call the biosphere, some call Mother Earth, and others call Nature. — John Feldman

More Information about the Film

A Review by Fred Jennings

Read the review by Fred Jennings, Ecological Economist, Bio4Climate

Bio4Climate Speakers Featured in the Film

John Feldman cites Biodiversity for a Livable Climate as a chief resource in his quest to learn what it means to have a warming planet. Click on the staff and friends of Bio4Climate featured in the film to find their talks and writings.