Regenerating Life: A Film by John Feldman and Hummingbird Films


How to cool the planet, feed the world, and live happily ever after

A three-part documentary film by John Feldman
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Regenerating Life is a three part documentary that highlights the importance of biodiversity and natural ecosystems in regulating the climate.

Our friend John Feldman shares his journey through the science and the stories that helped him see the climate crisis in a whole new light.

Read the review by Fred Jennings, Ecological Economist, Bio4Climate

Coming Soon!

US Premiere coming to Cambridge, MA, June 2023. 

Stay tuned for Watch Party screening links in June.

Featured Speakers from the Film

John Feldman cites Biodiversity for a Livable Climate as a chief resource in his quest to learn what it means to have a warming planet. Click on the staff and friends of Bio4Climate featured in the film to find their talks and writings.

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