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Quick Tour

Since our modest but enthusiastic beginnings in 2013, our Biodiversity for a Livable Climate website has grown to the point where we ourselves marvel at how it has become such a rich resource! It’s also a pretty big place, so here’s a brief overview to help you find your way around, in order of appearance on the top menu.

Super Search: Our advanced search capabilities will allow you to target your search and bring you resources from across the website.

Home: General introduction to many aspects of our work, some amazing pictures, and links to take you quickly to the details. Also, latest announcements, events and blog posts.

How Life Saves the Planet: A brief overview of how biology created planet Earth, with its extraordinary varieties of life and landscapes, from sunlight, rock and water over almost 4 billion years, and

About Us: Our staff and board, interns and volunteers, our mission, our sponsors and partners over the years, and how to join us. And some very nice things people have said about us over the years.

Conferences: Listing and descriptions of our 13 conferences (as of June 2021) on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to addressing biodiversity and climate challenges. Access to around 250 conference videos as well as our Introductory Playlist.

Events: Upcoming and past events are listed. There are links to original event announcements; some of them were recorded.

Compendium: Summaries of articles from the scientific and popular literatures providing extensive evidence of the regenerative power of the natural world. Includes editorial commentary and guest articles. Offers a powerful and hopeful paradigm, very different from the climate mainstream. Eight issues as of June 2021, free download.

Voices of Water: Features the work of Michal Kravcik and his exceptional findings on managing water cycles – advanced, low-tech water management for addressing floods, droughts, and other disrupted water cycles, and cooling and restoring urban and rural landscapes.

Solutions: Examples of what you can do in your home, garden, business and community to promote living in a healthy world, providing for many generations of all species. Also included in the Solutions menu are our Resources page with many suggestions for reading and videos, and our Newsletter Archive.

Blog: Our blog posts from the beginning (not many) to the present (many more). Includes posts and resources from Voices of Water.

Art Gallery: Works by artists and writers who capture the essence of the world we’re working for.

Donate: This is an opportunity for you to fulfill your goals in giving, and be a part of the movement for positive responses to the demands of the natural world. Civilization has violated many limits and we need to work hard to correct these errors. Bio4Climate is a leading voice in bypassing wishful thinking and frankly addressing root causes and solutions. Your support is essential and deeply appreciated!