Voices of Water

Voices of Water
for Climate

global research on the role of water in cooling our planet

Global restoration of natural water cycles is absolutely
essential for biodiversity and climate restoration.


Rehydrating the continents to restore natural water cycles and climate.


Educating globally to empower people to act locally to renew natural small water cycles to aid climate recovery


Jan Lambert and Dr. Michal Kravčík founded VOW in 2017 after working together for several years to bring his research to a broader audience.  In 2021 VOW became a program of Bio4Climate. 

More about the many ways water and climate are connected on our Hydrate Page

HYDRATE: The Role of Water

Benefits of Implementing Natural Rainwater Retention

Help restore a moderate local climate

Reduce global warming

Prevent flooding and droughts

Preserve ecosystems and biodiversity

Reduce soil loss to benefit agriculture

Cut water pollution

Restore water tables and cut need for irrigation

Create beautiful vegetated areas

Our Scientists

Michal Kravc’ik

Author of a New Water Paradigm, water management engineer, hydrologist, He co-founded Water Holistic, providing integrated land and water management and consulting and educational services on effective strategies for sustainable river basins and landscape restoration.

Dr. Anastassia Makarieva

Researcher at Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute’s Theoretical Physics Division, researching life-environment interactions based on Prof. Victor Gorshkov’s biotic regulation concept, recently awarded Anna Boysken Fellowship at theTechnical University of Munich, Germany. She co-formulated the biotic pump theory (2007), contributed to a study on life’s metabolic optimum (2008). Her current focus is on the physics of ecosystem impacts on water cycles and moisture transport.

Jan Pokorny

Associate Professor Jan Pokorný works in the field of environmental protection and soil and atmospheric sciences. His main scientific interest lies in evaluating solar energy and evapotranspiration in connection with plant ecophysiology, wetlands management, heat island research, and climate change.


These foundational publications by the VOW team are available as free downloads.

Water, Land and Climate

-The Critical Connection

Water for the Recovery of the Climate

– A New Water Paradigm

A Global Action Plan for the Restoration of Natural Water Cycles and Climate

Our Work is Not Done
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With deep gratitude and appreciation to the Lambert Family for their generous support of Bio4Climate and Voices of Water.

Jan Lambert on Willard Pond

Jan Lambert, Founder

Program Directors

Before VOW founder Jan Lambert passed away in April of 2022, she chose Zuzka Mulkerin to continue her work, coordinating with the global team of water scientists and translating their work into English.  

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Zuzka Mulkerin, Director