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Nature is Climate

Biodiversity loss is not just the result of climate change, it is a primary driver of climate change.  Only solutions that prioritize this web of life will create a truly livable climate for all.

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Restore Nature – Cool the Planet

Only nature has the ability to both cool the planet and lower greenhouse gas levels.  Our planet is already too hot and too dry to maintain a stable climate and support life.  These 4 Climate Keys are interlocking pieces of the cycles we must repair to quickly stop warming and start cooling the planet.


Healthy ecosystems full of biodiversity create direct cooling effects for our hot planet. More Nature = Less Heat.


Keeping water in the ground supports plants, crops and people. Beavers, insects and microbes are part of the Infiltration Team


Planting for biodiversity creates healthy ecosystems. Forests sequester carbon and use water vapor to move heat away from the Earth


Indigenous leadership and wisdom can help us. Stop deforestation, industrial ag, mining, and pollution that kill off biodiversity.  

Replace with regenerative practices

Q: What about atmospheric Carbon Dioxide – you know – the greenhouse effect?
A: It’s an important part of the story, but not the whole story.  Learn More.

Who We Are

Bio4Climate Tells the Hidden Stories

For nearly a decade we have looked behind, around, and under the prevailing climate narratives for the missing pieces of the puzzle.  We continue to bring you authors, ecorestoration specialists, and scientists from around the world who explore the interlocking systems that create a livable climate. 

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Get Involved

Blackwaters Film Screening and Discussion – Friday, March 15

Join Bio4Climate community members for the Cambridge screening of a groundbreaking new film, BLACKWATERS – Brotherhood In The Wild. We are proud to co-sponsor this free screening along with other organizations and the hosts at the Greater Boston Chapter of Trout Unlimited. To join our meetup, RSVP here and make sure you register with Trout Unlimited.

The event will take place on Friday, March 15 at 5pm at Brattle Theater (40 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA), followed by discussion featuring members of the cast and crew. After the panel discussion at…

Regenerating Life Screening and Discussion Series – February 8, 15, and 22

Join soil scientist Didi Pershouse and Bio4Climate members Jim Laurie and Maya Dutta this February for a learning and discussion series on John Feldman’s Regenerating Life. The Center for an Ecology Based Economy (CEBE) is hosting a hybrid series to screen the documentary in three parts and discuss the science and solutions within. Register now to join!

Regenerating Life is a documentary that highlights the importance of biodiversity and natural ecosystems in regulating the climate. The screening will take place on three consecutive Thursdays, 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22 at 6:30 PM….

Biodiversity Deep Dive: Beavers, Wetlands, and Living Shorelines

Starting Wednesday, February 21, Jim Laurie begins his 12 week Biodiversity Deep Dive course. Join us for an exploration of wetlands, shorelines, the water cycle, and the solutions powered by a systems approach to climate.

This course meets every Wednesday, starting February 21 and running through May 8, 2024. Sessions will be held from 12 – 2pm ET and 7 – 9pm ET on Zoom to accommodate students’ schedules. Read more and register now!

Toward a Regenerative Future – Monday, January 29 at 6pm ET

On Monday, January 29, Vincent Stanley of Patagonia joined our Life Saves the Planet lecture series to discuss the role of business in pivoting to regenerative systems.

It is easy to vilify globalization and corporate America, but what would happen if the vast resources of the world economy turned towards eco-restoration, fair trade and uplifting labor practices? Is it even possible? Come and judge for yourself. Watch the recording now!

Redesigning Our Communities – Oregon

On Saturday, November 18 we were joined by Author Richard Heinberg, Permaculture Instructor Andrew Millison, and other national and Oregon leaders for Redesigning Our Communities for Life After Fossil Fuels. They explored our predicament of declining energy resources, the urgent need to grow our food locally, the power that restoring ecosystems has to reduce wildfires and cool the temperatures, and the strategies local community leaders are using to redesign our communities. Stay tuned for community events, further resources, and breakout session recordings.

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Transformation in Mexico

Eco Restoration Works

Watch what happens! A degraded landscape in Mexico is transformed by regenerative management. It took only two years (the arrow points to the same tree).

Photos: Cuenca Los Ojos

Tell nature’s climate story, the story of connection and life.

― Beck Mordini

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