Miyawaki Forest Program

Miyawaki Forests

Everyone needs a forest, because not only are they one of the most efficient means for sequestering carbon, but the most effective system for cooling the planet, especially on the local level.

With the loss of green spaces, more and more people are feeling the effects of heat islands, localized hotspots that can be readily combated by planting and stewarding healthy ecosystems.

Image from the City of Melbourne

Our Program

Our goal is to lead the way in establishing mini forests in under-resourced communities, starting with the first ever Miyawaki Forest to be planted in New England! We’re working with local and Indigenous groups to create tree equity through the sowing of healthy ecosystems. Explore our project pages and linked resources, and find out how you can get involved in our work.

The Miyawaki Method

Miyawaki Forests are biodiverse, native, pocket-sized forests that reestablish full, functioning ecosystems in the areas they are planted. This scalable, replicable nature-based climate solution leads to cooling, increased biodiversity, and communal resilience, among other benefits.

We are involved in planting, supporting, and educating people on this method of afforestation, and are looking for people like you to help us steward this revolution!

Our Forests

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Planted on September 25, 2021, this project is the first example of a Miyawaki Forest in the entire Northeastern US!

Danehy Park

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Planted on Saturday November 5, 2022, this is our second Miyawaki Forest planted with community!

Greene-Rose Park

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