Testimonials – What People Say

What People Say


The Compendium, brilliant and so helpful. Thank you.

Paul Hawken, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Project Drawdown

Thank you for the magnificent conference [Restoring Oceans] that filtered the bad feelings from the election [2016], acted as a buffer against the tidal waves of emerging anger and hate, and gave us a paradigm for hope rather than despair.

George Scarlett, Tisch Faculty Fellow, Tufts University

This [Compendium] is staggering. I’m especially grateful for the extremely clear summaries of the articles in this and the other volumes. You are democratizing hard science, bringing it within reach of us all without dumbing it down.

Robert Labaree, Professor Emeritus, New England Conservatory

The event [Voices of Nature Conference, 2018] was splendid. I learned more in two days than I’ve learned in the last 20 years, and I was thrilled to be included.

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Author, Animal Advocate, Anthropologist

. . . let me again thank you for hosting the conference [Restoring Ecosystems, 2014] and thereby stimulating a broad community about the carbon sequestration opportunity.  You and your team did an outstanding job and the speakers were amazing.  There are too many highlights to mention here – it was a strong and deep roster. Big applause to you and your team for so powerfully advancing the mission.

Tom Newmark, co-founder and chair of the Carbon Underground, and co-founder of Regeneration International.