Living Earth Paradigm

The Living Earth Paradigm:
A better view for a better planet.

The prevailing perspective on climate change is leading us astray.

IssuePrevailing ParadigmLiving Earth Paradigm
Carbon in the atmosphereis the main problem.Is a long-term problem,
but a short-term distraction.
Carbon in the soilis a nice place to put carbon is key to holding water and building life
Water in the soilis relatively unimportantIs critical for cooling and for life
Water in the atmospherehas no net effect on climateis the main driver of climate.
Land temperature is mostly determined by climateground cover: bare dry ground gets hot in the sun
Plants are important because they draw down carboncool the planet, hydrate the soil, control the weather (and draw down carbon)
The main cause of fires, floods, and drought climate changedestruction of soil and plant life
Deserts result from droughtmismanagement of land, livestock, and water
Slowing water upstream decreases water downstreamincreases water downstream
Living thingsare affected by climatecontrol the climate
Humans caused climate change by  burning fossil fuelsdefoliating the planet
Solutions have to come from   the power elitealmost everyone almost everywhere
The climate problem must be addressed globallylocally
How long it will take to reverse…greenhouse gas levels? 1000 yrslandscape degradation? 10 years
The most important thing to do stop emissions that capture heatrestore healthy ecosystems