A Rallying Cry for Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Stabilization

A Rallying Cry for Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Stabilization

A Dual-Document Appeal and Action Blueprint from Environmental Stewards

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate and the EcoRestoration Alliance present two profoundly critical documents that shed light on an innovative, scientifically plausible approach to address our escalating climate crisis through ecosystem restoration.

An Appeal to Humanity, UN Secretary-General, and World Leaders

Let’s Cool the Planet Now! An Ecosystem Restoration Manifesto

Harness the power of water and vegetation to cool our planet and mitigate climate change by utilizing crucial, often neglected scientific insights regarding the integral relationship between water, plants, and our climate.

The Appeal

Explore the untapped potential of engaging in global-scale restoration of degraded ecosystems, which not only assists in cooling the planet by enhancing heat dissipation into space but also significantly counteracts the escalating impacts of climate change.


How Ecosystem Restoration Could Potentially Stabilize Climate & Cool the Planet in a Few Decades

  • Published: September 2023
  • Overview: Understand how embracing and acting upon emergent science and proven practices of ecosystem restoration across the globe—on land and sea alike—can stabilize our climate, restore biodiversity, and ensure the survival and thriving of life on Earth.
Blueprint for Action

This document not only raises an urgent call to action but also pinpoints specific, scalable actions rooted in the “Living Earth Paradigm”—a promising perspective that offers immediately actionable insights.

Together, Let’s Secure a Future Where Both Humanity and Biodiversity Can Thrive

Through these documents, we invite you to dive deep into a coherent, hopeful, and urgently needed alternative perspective on addressing the multi-faceted climate crisis that our planet is grappling with. Let’s join hands and act now to restore our ecosystems, stabilize the climate, and secure a vibrant, livable future for all species.