Mathayo Bayaga

Mathayo Bayaga

Mathayo is a graduate from University of Dar Es salaam Tanzania with  a Bsc. Agricultural,  natural resources Economics  and Business.

With not less than 3 years experience  in social and community mobilization into proper use of natural and artificial resources for Green Economic sustainable (GES).

Mathayo is experienced with inclusive environmental management project held by local voluntary organizations like ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNITY  CONSERVATION  COMMUNITY  OF TANZANIA  with a purpose to educate a society and policy makers how to use and how injecting a policy for those negative  externalities resulted  from economic  activities  like minimizing  the use of plastic bags.

Mathayo trusting on Smart innovation technology in all Economics  sectors into agriculture by use that Technology can help to reduce loss on post harvest, soil fertility, rain water harvesting by creating artificial dams and irrigation systems.

Not only but also mathayo mostly preferred injecting a bond skills to youth Environmentalist from schools in the way to wakes and build a behavior to determine a future by use now.

Current Project

Education in a school climate hub (SACH) with the goal of highlighting how and why human activities like agriculture, irregular forests harvesting, and others affect climate. The project aims to visit more than 12 schools – 4 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, and 4 advanced secondary schools. I expect to partner with teachers, local governments, authorities, and community members.