Nima Ntemi Mboje

I’m NIMA NTEMI MBOJE a third year student from Mwenge catholic university

(MWECAU), Kilimanjaro region and am pursue Bachelor of Arts in geography and environmental studies and I’m the I had awarded the best Enviromentalist of the year from Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) 2021/2022 which involves in practical conservation of environment to the community for sustainable development. Also am currently involves in environmental and climate activities in Tanzania which I has achieved to perform different environmental project such as planting trees programs in Tanzania which had involves restoration of ecosystem of Kilimanjaro national park which started from 2020 to 2023, environmental clean-up campaign in Tanzanian region especially Mara region,Kilimanjaro, providing environmental education to the educational institution on the roles of school environmental clubs in addressing environmental threats in Tanzania for sustainable development.

Current Project

My project proposal is concerning on planting trees campaign and Enviromental clean up campaign at Bunda district, Mara region in Tanzania. And the project objectives are:

  1. To establish tree nurseries to the school
  2. Enhance climate resilience to improve drought condition
  3. To plant trees
  4. To distribute tree to the community for climate restoration
  5. To provide Enviromental education
  6. To establish Enviromental clubs to the schools
  7. Training of community on clean and cooking affordable energy.