Agroforestry strategies to sequester carbon in temperate North America, Udawatta & Jose 2012

Compendium Volume 1 Number 2 March 2018

This meta-analysis estimates total carbon sequestration potential in the US from various agroforestry practices to be 530 TgC/year (530 million metric tons), equivalent to about 1/3 of annual US carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Based on their literature review, the authors estimate per-hectare sequestration rates (based on aboveground and belowground carbon accumulation) for each practice as follows: 6.1t C/ha/yr (silvopastoral), 3.4t C/ha/yr (alleycropping), 6.4t C/ha/yr (windbreaks), 2.6t C/ha/yr (riparian buffer).

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