Beavers for flood reduction, United Kingdom

Compendium Volume 2 Number 2 January 2019 r.1

To reduce the severity of flooding in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, England, where a 2012 flood did extensive damage, the UK Ministry of Environment released a family of beavers upstream of the village in a 6.5 ha enclosure in a publicly-owned forest. Scientists who have studied the stream believe the beaver dams could hold back some 6,000 cubic meters of water, which might otherwise gush into the village during a heavy storm. If successful, this landfill-tax-funded project is intended to be replicated elsewhere in the UK. Beavers have already been successfully reintroduced elsewhere in England and Scotland, resulting in the Scottish government listing beavers as a protected native species.

Beavers released in Forest of Dean to prevent flooding: 

Meet the latest recruit to the UK flood defence team: the beaver:

Beavers could be reintroduced to Wales after centuries absence: 

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