Methow Beaver Project:enlisting beavers to make wetlands in compensation for declining mountain snowpack

Compendium Volume 3 Number 1 July 2019

The deep winter snow falls on the mountains around the Methow Valley in the state of Washington are declining. To manage problems with drought, the Methow Beaver Project has been capturing, tagging, matching male and female beavers and releasing them in key valley areas. The project workers know beavers are master engineers that know how to preserve their homes and food supply, to the benefit of water quality and many other animals and plants in the area. Beaver reintroduction projects are also underway in Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. In 2018, Scott Helker, a Libertarian candidate running to become governor of Colorado, was asked, “Would you support asking Coloradans to raise billions of tax dollars for projects that would increase water supplies and help prevent a projected water shortage mid-century?” He answered, “No. I can create the same results without raising billions of dollars. Ask me how.” Answer: with beaver reintroduction projects.

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