Featured Creature: Wombats

What creature roams the Australian Outback, extends its hospitality to others in times of need, and eludes predators with a unique rear end?

The tiny, mighty wombat! This little roly-poly ball of densely matted fur is a staple of Australia’s menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures.

Featured Creature: Ghost Pipes


What plant generates energy without photosynthesis, thrives in darkness, is said to quell anxieties, and was cherished by American poet Emily Dickinson?

That would be Monotropa, also known as “Ghost Pipes”, “Ghost Plants”, “Indian Pipes”, and “Corpse Plants”, among other names!

Featured Creature: Bighorn Sheep

Photo by Pixels

Which creature enjoys climbing cliffs, blends in with mountain slopes, and carries an iconic headpiece? Bighorn sheep! Bighorn sheep are somewhat common where I live in Southern California (maybe it’s why the NFL Rams decided to come to Los Angeles). They can be seen in various mountain ranges, coming down to valleys for water or…

Featured Creature: Moose

Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

This week we ask: What large member of the deer family is a fast runner, an excellent swimmer, and can be found across North America and Eurasia?  The Moose! This past weekend, I was hiking the Pine Cobble trail in Williamstown with my hiking class from my school, the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA).…

Featured Creature: Reindeer

Photo by Natalia Kollegova

What iconic creature can pull sleighs, see with superhero talent, and shape whole ecosystems? The reindeer! A very special deer The majestic reindeer is a member of the deer family found in Arctic forests and tundra. Native to Scandinavia and Northern Russia, they were later introduced to Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Iceland. Their species, Rangifer tarandus, includes both reindeer and caribou,…

Featured Creature: Oregon Giant Earthworm

Photo Credit: Chris Baugher CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

What creature smells like lilies, is particular about the type of soil it resides in, and is the largest of its kind in North America? The Oregon Giant Earthworm! A fews days after moving into college this past August, I took a long walk in search of solitude and refuge from the chaos of move-in week. I found…

Featured Creature: Pocket Gopher

Photo by Greg Schechter

Which creature promotes healthy soil, is often seen as a pest, and has cheeks perfect for storing leftovers? Pocket gophers! On my weekend hikes, I stay alert for any tiny movement. Rustling noises often lead me to discover an interesting creature, but only if I pay close attention. One animal I would often hear, but rarely…