Biodiversity8: Symbiosis in Evolution Class #10: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Homework for Class #10 on May 3rd 

Focus on number 1

  1. Read Chapter V (pp. 80-93) in LaMarck’s Revenge.  “The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – In Deep Time”
    • If you have this book, go back to Chapter 5 and spend some time with it.  It’s only 14 pages, but summarizes much of Earth’s history.  
    • If you don’t have this book, I will do a slideshow to catch you up on Wednesday.  We will have time to discuss in class.
    • Check out the attachment slides below.  Geologic Time Scale, PETM, Snowball Earth
      • Why does Peter Ward insist that more new species develop during extinction episodes than during stable times?
      • What is a phenotype?  How is it different from a genotype?  
      • Can epigenetics change phenotypes of a species without changing the genome?
      • LaMarck proposed: 1. Environmental Change leads to… 2. Behavioral Change leads to… 3. Phenotype Change.  Was he right?
      • How far have you climbed the Evolution Paradigm Mountains?
  2. If you haven’t read “Sitting in a Circle” (p. 222 – 240) in Braiding Sweetgrass and be ready to discuss in class.
    • Kimmerer describes a wilderness education course with young people.  How do you make shelter, find food, and learn from a new place?
    • How many uses can you find from Cattails?  Where do you find roots to strengthen your wigwam?  
    • It was wonderful seeing these ‘city kids’ becoming comfortable in this wild place.  Naturalized?  Indigenous?
    • This is my favorite story so far in Braiding Sweetgrass.  
    • What are your top 3 stories?

Last Class:  Nevada Visitors on April 26th 

Carol Evans presented her slideshow of her work with the BLM and since her recent retirement.

Carol has been studying NE Nevada’s stream ecology for over 35 years and has seen many changes.  

She has recently been making short videos about these natural systems.  I have attached two links below if you haven’t seen them.

Jon Griggs, the Manager of the Maggie Creek Ranch also came to class and answered all manner of questions in his very thoughtful way.

Jon said that change is often slow and it’s hard for people to adopt new ways of doing things, but he has seen some good changes.

Jon also invited everyone to come visit the ranch the next time we are in the area.

Nevada Video Links: 

Carol Evans – “Creating Miracles in the Desert – Restring Dixie Creek” (10:11)

Jesse Braatz – “Changing a Landscape to a Lifescape: The Humboldt Ranch” – Nevada Rancher story recommended by Carol Evans (12:23)

Other Slides – Click to view full slide

Biodiversity8 Course Attendance so far (9 classes)

Attendance is averaging 34.6 students per class.  (Noon plus 7 pm together)  This is slightly higher than any of the previous courses.

  • 15 people have perfect attendance.
  • 10 have only missed one class. (8 of 9)  
  • 37 people have been to 5 or more classes with 14 more coming more sporadically.  

Thank You for your participation.  I am impressed by how many I see each week.  

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, May 3rd. 
Jim Laurie  🎶  🐦
Biologist & Futurist 


Biodiversity8: Symbiosis in Evolution Class #10: Wednesday, May 3rd
Time: 12noon & 7pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)