Drying Rivers & Drought: What We Can Do In Massachusetts

Tuesday, July 12 at 12pm ET

This July as Massachusetts, like many other parts of the world, reckoned with serious drought, we held a lecture to explore how we can address drought conditions on a local, regional, and global scale. Check out the recording and related resources here!

Drought warnings in Massachusetts are a stark reminder that we are part of a global climate system where warming trends are accelerating. Is there something we can learn from adding a global lens to our local and regional mitigation efforts? Danielle Dolan, Deputy Director of the Mass Rivers Alliance, and Beth Lambert, Director of the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, joined Slovakian hydrologist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Michal Kravčík in conversation about our connection to the global water crisis. Dr. Kravčík introduced the new water paradigm, which explains the role of small water cycles and the importance of restoring them in urban, agricultural and forest settings to prevent drought and floods, and to cool the planet.

This discussion was the latest in our Life Saves the Planet lecture series with GBH Forum Network.