Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

November 30, 2021

Photo by Alex Hu

What are you thankful for? The gifts of Mother Earth – fresh air, clean water, good food, beautiful plants, majestic animals, and bounty both literal and figurative, are present all around us. The living Earth offers us what we need, and we get to participate in her give-and-take by partaking responsibly.

Of course, we know the bad news – that as a civilization, we’ve ceased recognizing the meaning of ‘enough’, that our systems of extraction and consumption threaten the fine balance of life, that we, and the Earth we love, are in crisis. But it is not too late to change that. There are very real solutions to restore our home planet, reverse the course of destruction, and nurture the vitality of our ecosystems and our Earth.

So it is not with fear, but with hope and gratitude, that we work to spread the knowledge, practice, and inspiration of ecosystem restoration. This Giving Tuesday, we are raising money to support upcoming courses, host conferences, compile our research compendium, share lectures and our vast collection of resources, expand our rewilding efforts, and work through partnership, education, advocacy and more to restore our beloved home planet. Please add in your generosity to our forces by joining our Eco-Restoration Team of monthly givers, or by making a one-time contribution.

On behalf of the many living things calling this planet home, many thanks!