Compendium Volume 4 Number 2 January 2021

Explores the causes of wildfires and some technical and policy approaches to their management. Investigates ecological corridors and connectivity. Describes the importance of connected landscapes in conservation efforts to support biodiversity and offers examples of such ecological networks from around the world.

Compendium Volume 4 Number 1 July 2020

In-depth review of zoonotic diseases such as the coronavirus as a consequence of biodiversity loss and ecosystem destruction, a section further exploring approaches to eco-restoration, and more examples of “Blessed Unrest.”

Compendium Volume 3 Number 2 January 2020

Visits adaptation and urban resilience, the phenomenon of Heat Planet, more on land management and conservation, and a continuation of explorations in “Blessed Unrest,” where people around the world, in powerful local ways, are regenerating a healthy biosphere.

Compendium Volume 3 Number 1 July 2019

Discusses forest dynamics and ecological intensification in regulating ecosystems, managing ecosystem services, and enriching biodiversity. Offers several examples of eco-restoration work, “Blessed Unrest,” by individuals and organizations around the world.

Compendium Volume 2 Number 2 January 2019 r.1

Visits several examples of restoration in action from around the world, and reviews papers on floodplains, wetlands; discusses partnering with beavers; and considers how regenerative land management addresses heatwaves, droughts, floods and fires.  Special guest article on the Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack.

Compendium Volume 1 Number 1 July 2017

Covers a broad selection of eco-restoration articles, including soils, earthworms, water, wetlands, croplands, grasslands and forests. We also discuss how paradigms and peer review both advance and constrain the practice of science.