Miyawaki Forest in Cambridge, MA

Our Miyawaki Forest at Danehy Park in North Cambridge was planted successfully on September 25 with the help of many fantastic volunteers. The forest, which is the first example of a Miyawaki Forest in Cambridge and in the Northeast US, was the site of a fantastic gathering. It was wonderful to see the community come together in the spirit of restoration. Read more about the forest from our partners at SUGi, click through the resources at the bottom of this page, check out the first photos of the planting below, and stay tuned for more photos, videos, and updates to come!

About the Forest

The Miyawaki Forest is an ultra dense, biodiverse pocket forest that recreates the complexity of natural forests and the relationships and processes that help them grow strong and resilient. By giving home to a vast array of native species, they boost the biodiversity of the area and nurture pollinators, supporting and restoring ecosystems. They sequester carbon in the soil, reduce air pollution and soil contamination, improve water absorption to buffer against flooding and erosion, and cool the surrounding area to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

They also create a living classroom for people and communities to learn about native ecology, engage in stewardship, and experience the interconnectedness of the natural world. Read more about the Miyawaki method and its history and examples in the links at the bottom of this page.

Check out some photos of the site preparation below:

Check out our first few photos of the approximate site location from this past Summer:

Miyawaki Forest links and resources: