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A message from the late Jan Lambert in 2021

Greetings! Welcome to Voices of Water for Climate (VoW), a 2021 addition to our growing family at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate. I have been volunteering for Bio4Climate since 2014, when I first became acquainted with Michal Kravčík of Slovakia. Please donate to Voices of Water!
I am an editor and American coordinator for Dr. Kravčík, who is an internationally renowned hydrology expert and Goldman Environmental Prize winner. He is coauthor of Water for the Recovery of the Climate-A New Water Paradigm (free download here). The ideas in that book set the stage for the founding of Voices of Water for Climate in 2017. You can download my 2015 book, Water, Land and Climate -The Critical Connection, which will inform you much more about what I learned from Dr. Kravčík and his global circle of colleagues who are busy transforming landscapes to restore water cycles vital for a stable climate. Dr. Kravčík, who designed our logo, is also an artist. We all know that mixing blue and yellow makes green. Michal often makes the point that the GOLDEN SUN along with BLUE WATER make a GREEN EARTH!

Global restoration of natural water cycles is absolutely essential for biodiversity and climate restoration.The key to stable water cycles is allowing rain and snow to soak into the land close to where it falls, so it can replenish the moisture in the atmosphere to fall again in a steady cycle of moderate precipitation- the short or small water cycle that is vital to local climates.

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