B. Lorraine Smith

B. Lorraine Smith is a writer and an independent consultant. She imagines a future where business, people and markets serve a thriving society in a healthy biosphere. In other words, she invests her time in the  evolution of a regenerative economy. 

As a writer, Lorraine shares her ideas through her blog, which introduces different people, places and possibilities connected to the future we want. Her forthcoming book, Where the Trees – ten human stories made possible by trees, journeys through landscapes and moments that challenge us to evolve our roles in nature. And she writes reports and articles about new mindsets and business models. 

Since 2004 she has been working with global companies and leaders who are keen to shape the next phase of business.  She sits on the Board of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and is a member of the Release Council of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, an open source tool that quantifies how businesses are contributing to a sustainable future.  Originally from Toronto, Canada, Lorraine is now based in New York City where she lives with her husband, two cats and a lot of houseplants. More about Lorraine’s work at https://www.blorrainesmith.com/.