Charlotte O’Brien

Charlotte O’Brien, President and CEO, Carbon Drawdown Solutions, is an entrepreneur, pyrolysis and biomass expert who has worked for years with many varieties of bamboo, a plant that improves soils and water cycles, expands habitats for many other species, and may be harvested sustainably for uses ranging from construction to food to biochar, a soil supplement.  She recently founded Carbon Drawdown Solutions, supplying equipment for local biochar processing for long-term soil carbon storage and greatly improved soil health and productivity. At Bamboo Hardwoods Vietnam, Char was responsible for manufacturing and managing all production details, working with bamboo farmers and NGOs. She finalized the first International Construction Code (ICC) certification of bamboo in the western world and is founder and director of the non-profit BioBamboo.  She earned her Bachelor’s of Science with high honors at Michigan State University, majoring in Crops and Soils, and received 3 years of agricultural technical training in Denmark, Norway and Austria.