Doug Zook

Doug Zook founded and directs the Global Ecology Education Initiative (GEEI). He is biologist, naturalist, science educator, and photographic artist. He has given over 200 invited presentations and conducted scores of workshops, courses, and exhibitions around the world. He has led several trips to the remote Amazon in eastern Ecuador as well as month-long global ecology intensive field courses in New Zealand.

A recent Fulbright Distinguished Scholar recipient, during his 30 years at Boston University he served as Director of the Masters of Arts in science teaching, guiding more than 300 students to careers as science teachers. Doug was a close colleague of the renowned scientist, the late Lynn Margulis, for nearly three decades. Inspired by many of her ideas, he formed a team of public school teachers, Boston University education and biology students, artists and scientists to create the International Microocosmos Science Education program in 1987 that brought the importance of mcirobial ecology to the attention of educators and the public over more than ten years.

He is today also a nature photography artist, focused on images captured as reflections off window panes in various cities His exhibit “Earth Gazes Back’ ( has attracted numerous visitors at both overseas and Boston venues. Contact: