Jan Lambert

Jan Lambert on Willard Pond

Jan Lambert  is an environmental writer and editor of The Valley Green Journal www.valleygreenjournal.com , which addresses connections of agriculture, nature and communities. She has been a working partner with internationally recognized hydrological scientist Michal Kravčík, in promoting awareness of the central role of water cycles for environmental sustainability, via her journal and her book, Water, Land and Climate–The Critical Connection, published in October 2015. Included in the book is “A Global Plan for the Restoration of Natural Water Cycles and Climate,” co-authored with Kravčík, which was presented at the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. She is a cofounder of Voices of Water for Climate, www.vow4climate.org , an organization promoting the infiltration of rainwater into land to alleviate floods, droughts, pollution, and climate change manifested as severe storms and heat waves. Jan lives on a secluded homestead in New Hampshire and has extensive hands-on experience with landscape restoration and wildlife monitoring in her region, as well as working with diverse groups including youth and the faith community.