Rev. Dele

Rev. Dele is a grandmother,author and pastor who opens the environmental narrative to include the voice of Mother Nature so we create JOY with our Impact. Trained as a Climate Reality Leader and spiritual director, she supports spiritual leaders and Earthkeepers who are struggling with burnout and rage. As grandmother, theologian and permaculture professor Dele teaches that justice begins with the inner balance experienced in Nature and then flows throughout human relationships in social, political and economic systems.

Dele is developing two national initiatives to calm our social and weather chaos. The Spirit of Resilience radio show,, will raise a platform for women environmental leaders all over the globe as we clock our rise instead of our demise. Segments also highlight Indigenous culture and on the ground collaborators. We extend open arms to tech savvy workers who wish to assist in the launch.The emerging Soil & Souls cooperative,, is training young adult leaders who strengthen resilience in communities that need it most. Resilience hubs are forming in North Carolina and the native plants nursery is launching in New York’s Hudson Valley. Faith groups and young adults are invited to join or create a hub that restores financial well being as they stabilize food sovereignty and water security in their own communities. Dele’s newest book Breath of Life,, is a 5 week Bible study that helps us grow closer to God and grow a secure community by loving creation. People of all faiths have found inspiration in the way Dele blends sacred text, science, spiritual and community development.

Ordained in the United Church of Christ (UCC), Dele also serves as an Advisory Council member for the Hudson Valley Community Wealth Fund and the National Congress of Black American Indians; board member of Permaculture Association of the Northeast, and the UCC Climate Council.  She earned a B.A. from University of California-Riverside and M.Div. from Howard University School of Divinity. She serves in the Southern Conference  of the United Church of Christ and maintains Baptist and Indigenous affiliations.