Steve Weinberg

Steve Weinberg champions win-win solutions with a focus on initiatives that cultivate vibrant and sustainable communities and businesses.  In the late 1990s Steve learned about Paul Hawken’s work with a sustainability framework, The Natural Step, which informed Steve about systems thinking and a change process adopted by small and large business and communities alike.  Steve’s successive visits to tour Susatinable Sweden and its Eco-Muncipalities in 2001 and 2002, completely changed his perception about what a dedicated citizenry could accomplish aided by effective sustainability knowhow. Steve organized speaking engagements and roundtables which introduced Philadelphia civic leaders to Eco-Municipalities and best practices and guided Philadelphia’s Sustainable Business Network (SBN) to a broader focus on creating a green economy.  Steve represented SBN on a Green Economy coalition which SBN created and which was regarded as one of the most effective in the US.With actions that any small business person could take, Steve made his small industrial-sector business a founding B Corp, audited for social, enviornmental and governance practices, and became one of the first For Benefit companies.  He helped grow and then co-chaired Philadelphia’s SBN, doubling its membership as it became one of the largest and most vibrant networks of its kind.  At the same time, Steve served for 7 years as Treasurer and board member of a NJ solar developer that pioneered the use of Power Purchase Agreements, making solar much more affordable throughout the industry.  The solar company was instrumental in its collaboration with the State of NJ in its development of one of the most aggressive energy master plans at the time, a codified commitment to 80% renewables by 2050.

Steve is excited to be participating at this Blessed Unrest Conference, finding much inspiration in all that has been shared.