Sponsorship/Partnership Guidelines

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Urban and Suburban Carbon Farming
to Reverse Global Warming
May 3, 2015
Harvard Science Center
1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Guidelines for Conference Partnership and Sponsorship

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate welcomes the participation of individuals, organizations and businesses who share our concern for restoring global ecosystems to reverse global warming. We have discovered that people are enthusiastic to hear our message of hope emerging from the general climate gloom. We are acting as a catalyst for getting the word out and we strive to focus many separate efforts, uniting innumerable but currently widely dispersed voices.

We urge that biology become a significant part of the mainstream climate conversation and strategy, with actions commensurate with the current urgency.

Please become a partner or sponsor of our May 3, 2015 Conference in Cambridge.  We are expecting 350 registered participants, with speaker videos and slides available online.  Below are participation guidelines, adaptable to individual circumstances as appropriate:


1. We will put a logo, link and brief blurb about you on our website and we ask that you do the same for us.

2. We ask that you announce the event to your networks; we will suggest the timing and provide the announcements, which you may edit as appropriate to your circumstances.

3. We will appreciate any other networking support, marketing, introduction to other interested individuals, organizations and businesses, or help in conference planning and implementation. We will be happy to work out details with you on a case-by-case basis. Note that such support may include assistance both in Boston area activities and in establishing/supporting other similar events around the globe.


Sponsorship includes the mutual benefits of partnership, plus a financial contribution to help defray the many conference costs we will incur. Basic sponsorship is $200.  If you can afford more, of course that will be most helpful and greatly appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible.

In addition to a logo and description on our website, a sponsor will have logo and description listed in the program, and display space for flyers.

Advertising and Tabling

Advertising in the program will be $30 for a quarter page, $55 for a half page and $100 for a full page. Advertising details here.  Exhibit space is limited, the price for a table will be $100.

For further information, please contact us at staff@bio4climate.org or 781-674-2339.

We look forward to working together!

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