Kris Nichols: Regenerative Farming- Front Line Action to Reverse Global Warming

03 Regenerative Farming Front Line Action to Reverse Global Warming

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Farmers have the potential to be the front-line heroes in the quest to reverse global warming. They manage a “technology” for massive planetary geotherapy that is tried and tested and available for widespread dissemination right now. It costs little and is adaptable to local contexts the world over. It can be rolled out tomorrow providing multiple benefits beyond climate stabilization. It’s farming the way the Earth does – with water, soil, land, clean air, and a stable climate. It’s farming like human health, animal health, and ecosystem health matter. It’s farming in a way that restores and even improves on soil’s natural ability to hold carbon. By emphasizing whole systems — and food systems functioning as a whole — farmers can increase productivity while healing the planet.

Kris Nichols, Chief Scientist, Rodale Institute

Presented at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate “Scenario 300: Making Climate Cool” conference at Washington D.C. on April 30, 2017

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