Dan Medina, Emily Landis, Claudio Ternieden: The Small Water Cycle as a Climate Tool Panel Q&A

09 Q&A with The Small Water Cycle as a Climate Tool Panel

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Healthy soils and water cycles are closely intertwined. Opportunities abound to restore fresh and saltwater wetlands, and to manage urban, suburban and rural water flows in ways that help cool the planet. Nature has fascinating and powerful systems for water cycling; working WITH nature is vital to restoring healthy biodiverse ecosystems, to building resilient communities, and to cooling our human environment. Examples include small and large water cycles, the role of animals like beavers in restoration efforts, human engineering strategies at local, state, national, and international levels, wetland restoration, and living shoreline programs.

Panel moderator: Charlene Johnston, Washington DC Chapter, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate
* Dan Medina, PhD, PE, D.WRE – Senior Engineer, Limnotech
* Emily Landis – The Nature Conservancy
* Claudio Ternieden – Water Environment Federation

Presented at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate “Scenario 300: Making Climate Cool” conference at Washington D.C. on April 30, 2017

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