Amazon Deforestation: Why It Matters To Us

Amazon Deforestation: Why It Matters To Us

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The Amazon Rainforest is known as the “lungs of the earth” because it draws in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen. But it is also the biological heart of the planet’s hydroclimate system, the planet’s rain making machine. We have lost almost 20 % of the forest and are close to reaching a tipping point where it will turn to grassland. What will that mean for us, and how can we prevent the dieback?

Jon Schull, co-founder of the EcoRestoration Alliance will moderate a discussion with panelists Atossa Soltani, founder of Amazon Watch and director Global Strategy for Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, and Rob de Laet, co-founder of the World Climate School.

Our speakers show us how massive regeneration can restore disrupted water cycles and degraded soils and moderate the destructive effects of extreme weather events. We can calm the weather and cool the planet within one generation by protecting and reforesting the rainforests of the planet and reshaping food production in those areas from open canopy monocultures to largely closed canopy forms of agroforestry/permaculture.

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