Eliza Brady: Female, Millennial, Advocate for the Environment

Eliza Speaks: Female, Millennial, Advocate for the Environment

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Eliza Brady is a 19-year-old student at Tulane University. She is a passionate supporter of the environment, a struggling vegetarian, and a member of the millennial generation.

She is a Massachusetts native, and feels at home among the giant pine trees and farmlands. But Eliza began noticing the environmental problems we are facing, growing at an alarming rate, and decided at this young age to dedicate her studies at school, her summer, and very likely her life, to the cause.

“I found myself feeling helpless because although I was taking actions in my personal life to reduce my effect on the environment, I knew that that alone was not enough and felt that I had a greater responsibility to do more.”

Eliza comes to us with her personal story, a story of caring and worrying about issues that most of her age group prefer to ignore. She will tell what it is like to be 19 years old in 2017, what she sees in her future – and what she hopes to see instead.

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