Kachana Station: A Home for Donkey-led Restoration

Kachana Station: A Home for Donkey-led Restoration

In this interview hosted by Tania Roa, Chris Henggeler explains the holistic management practices occurring in Kachana Station, a landscape in northwestern Australia. Chris emphasizes the interconnectedness of humans across the globe, and our interconnectedness with other species. His call to action: help nature heal herself.

Learn more about Kachana Station: https://www.kachana-station.com/
Learn more about Biodiversity for a Livable Climate: https://bio4climate.org/

To read about our campaign supporting Kachana Station, visit our website: https://bio4climate.org/2021/10/23/kachana-station-a-home-for-donkey-led-restoration/

Zoom interview recorded September 2021

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