Mushrooms Change the World with Daniel Randall

Mushrooms Change the World with Daniel Randall

In this interview hosted by Abby Abrahamson, Daniel Randall discusses his involvement with the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council – a program of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Daniel is a passionate advocate for nature and aims to improve environmental conditions through nature’s own intelligence. Through Roots & Shoots, Daniel has planted over a hundred trees and witnessed how disadvantaged neighborhoods can start a transformation in one day. He has initiated a community soil-making program in his neighborhood and discovered that the foundational key to rebuilding soil is plant diversity. His newest project with mushrooms, “Mycelium Magic” has revealed an underground universe that supports planetary life and has world-changing impacts that are ready to be green-lighted on a global scale.

Daniel aspires to help others become participants in these amazing evolutionary solutions. His enthusiasm and leadership has been honored by organizations such as Bioneers, California Safe Schools, South Coast Air Quality Management District and Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

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