Ridge Shinn: A New Program to Restore Northeast Grasslands- 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Ridge Shinn - A New Program to Restore Northeast Grasslands: 100% Grass-Fed Beef

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Widespread restoration of grasslands depends on economics. Historically beef production has been focused in the Corn Belt and western states. Now Ridge Shinn, a practitioner with experience in all aspects of holistic grazing and marketing, is building the supply of 100% grass-fed beef in the Northeast, involving farms and farmers all over New England and New York. His program offers multiple benefits to the region: revitalized rural economies; healthy soil; local, safe, nutrient-dense food; and carbon sequestration. This model could herald the demise of the corn-based feedlot system.

From Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference: “Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming”
Saturday November 22nd, 2014

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