Sustainable Agriculture Workshop with Roland Bunch and Florence Reed

Roland Bunch with Florence Reed Workshop

Climate change and loss of biodiversity threaten humanity’s very existence. Pandemics like the Coronavirus add another layer of crises to populations throughtout the world. Some of the hardest hit are the millions of rural poor who live day to day, often dependent on external inputs to grow crops, access to markets for selling crops and buying their food and loans or remittances from outside their communities. All of this is jeopardized during a pandemic, leaving millions of the rural poor more food insecure. Some, however, are leading the way to a different kind of food system that is better for them, better for us and better for the planet. At the same time they are stabilizing the climate, bringing biodiversity back to degraded lands and feeding the world. Meet some of these unsung heroes working with Sustainable Harvest International, a member of Regeneration International, and learn how millions more could join their ranks to become the cornerstone of a healthy planet and food system.

Roland Bunch: Consultant in sustainable agricultural development for over 45 NGOs and governments in 50 nations
Florence Reed: Founder Sustainable Harvest International

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Presented at Blessed Unrest conference via online, extending across weekends in April & May of 2020

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