Veronika Miranda Chase: Rock Powders- Nourishing Soils, Biodiversity and People

Veronika Miranda Chase - Rock Powders: Nourishing Soils, Biodiversity and People

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Soil remineralization is playing a crucial and vital role in improving soil fertility. Remineralize the Earth is a nonprofit that promotes the regeneration of soils and forests with finely ground gravel dust, an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Veronika Miranda Chase provides us with an overview of the role of rock powders in a comprehensive eco-restoration and climate plan.

Veronika Miranda Chase, Research Associate, Remineralize the Earth

Presented at the Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference, “Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming”, on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Tufts University.

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