Jon Way: The Many Lives of The Changing Coyote

Voices of Nature #14, Jon Way, The Many Lives of The Changing Coyote

Relatively little is known about the fascinating coyotes in the east It is a remarkable animal, being one of the only carnivores to actually increase its range and distribution in the past one hundred years. Coyotes have taken over as top predator in all environments in New England, from wilderness parks to city greenbelts. Along its migration to the northeast it has become larger, likely the product of hybridization between western coyotes and eastern wolves. Jon’s work celebrates having these animals living among us and makes a passionate plea for their protection

Jon Way’s main interest is the study of predators inhabiting urbanized ecosystems, especially the coyote. His book is Suburban Howls.

Presented at Climate, Biodiversity, and Survival: Listening to the Voices of Nature conference at Harvard University on November 17-18, 2018

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