B. Lorraine Smith: Listening to Trees Here and Gone

Voices of Nature #16, B. Lorraine Smith, Listening to Trees Here and Gone

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Trees share a wealth of information to the willing listener, well beyond aesthetics, recreation or “natural resource.” They offer details about the connections above and below ground – from birds and insects, to parasites and fungi, to humans who have moved in and among them across generations. They can signal what was, what is now and what might be. And they’re very patient.

B. Lorraine Smith is a writer and sustainability consultant who writes literary non-fiction about humans’ relationships in nature and brings over 15 years’ experience working to shift business towards a regenerative economy. Her writing and corporate work help her listen to what trees past and present have been quietly signaling to anyone willing to hear.

Presented at Climate, Biodiversity, and Survival: Listening to the Voices of Nature conference at Harvard University on November 17-18, 2018

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