Douglas Zook: Let Microbes Speak- Symbiosis & Long History of the Biosphere

Voices of Nature #4, Douglas Zook, Let Microbes Speak: Symbiosis & Long History of the Biosphere

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Microbes – nearly always in communities and symbiotic partnerships — are responsible for all the necessary systems that sustain life – atmospheric oxygen, photosynthesis, respiration, motility, mutlicellularity and the very ecosystems upon which we depend for survival!

Douglas Zook founded and directs the Global Ecology Education Initiative (GEEI). He is a biologist, naturalist, science educator, and photographic artist. He was a close colleague of the renowned scientist Lynn Margulis for nearly three decades. and brought the importance of mcirobial ecology to the attention of educators and the public.

Presented at Climate, Biodiversity, and Survival: Listening to the Voices of Nature conference at Harvard University on November 17-18, 2018

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