Betsey Dexter Dyer: Our Second Brain- The Human Microbiome

Voices of Nature #6, Betsey Dexter Dyer, Our Second Brain: The Human Microbiome

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The many species of bacteria, optimally established during our trip down the birth canal, affect everything from our immune systems to our moods to our digestive health. We might say that it’s quite an accomplishment for the trillions of single-celled creatures whose ancestors molded us out of the muck (we’re not sure what the microbes would say in retrospect).

Betsey Dexter Dyer is a professor of biology at Wheaton College and a former student of Lynn Margulis. Her area of research is microbial evolution, and, as befits a systems thinker, she has engaged in numerous inter-disciplinary collaborations over the years.

Presented at Climate, Biodiversity, and Survival: Listening to the Voices of Nature conference at Harvard University on November 17-18, 2018

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