Desmaidi Kemprai

Desmaidi is a microbiologist residing in Haflong, a hill station in the state of Assam in India. She belongs to the Dimasa tribe, an Indigenous tribal population. She is currently a part of the Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) of Haflong range, as a technical expert and is the President of the Dibarai Youth Cultural Organisation in her village. Desmaidi hopes to use regenerative agriculture and other nature-based solutions to help build community resilience through relocalization. Her hobbies include yoga and reading.

Current Project

The project concerns with setting up of an Agroforestry farm. The goal of the project is to introduce the concept of Regenerative Agriculture to the local farmers. The project will be carried out by Biodiversity Management Committee of which I am a part of. It is an organization under Assam State Biodiversity Board that helps in implementing projects concerning with biodiversity.The project will be based in the village of N. Leikul near Haflong town in the state of Assam in north-east India.