Global Youth Ambassadors

Global Youth Ambassadors


The Global Youth Ambassador program connects young people around the world to regeneration resources and powerful networks. We create a platform for more robust projects that benefit people and the Earth, fostering a generation of dynamic leaders ready to make a significant difference.

Who is this program for?

If you’re passionate about climate change, eager to make a difference, and ready to motivate others to take action, this program is for you! In just 3 months, you’ll become an ecosystem restorer and a leader.

2023 Summer Cohort

  • Carlos Mdemu

    Carlos Mdemu

    Waste management, plastic pollution, distributing trees for planting.

  • Dancan Simba

    Dancan Simba

    I co-founded Rural Empowerment on Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development…

  • Desmaidi Kemprai

    Desmaidi Kemprai

    The project concerns with setting up of an Agroforestry farm.…

  • Evan Yip

    Evan Yip

    This program includes finding the best fit trees in my…

  • Ivana Golianová

    Ivana Golianová

    My project involves adding aspects of environmentalism to primary and…

  • Kolawale Hammed

    Kolawale Hammed

    I am involved in a personal eco restoration project where…

  • Magaiwa Elijah Bosco

    Magaiwa Elijah Bosco

    Bosco is currently working on a personal level as an…

  • Mahfou Aidara

    Mahfou Aidara

    Tree planting project and environmental education. The goal of the…

  • Mathayo Bayaga

    Mathayo Bayaga

    Education in a school climate hub (SACH) with the goal…

  • Mercy Kwiya

    Mercy Kwiya

    Restoring land impacted by mining and Lake Victoria impacted by…

  • Nima Ntemi Mboje

    Nima Ntemi Mboje

    My project proposal is concerning on planting trees campaign and…

  • Ogechukwu Aina

    Ogechukwu Aina

    I would like to work on Environmental Advocacy about Waste…

Become a Biodiversity Builder

We guide you through the process of creating and implementing your own biodiversity project right in your community. The steps include:

  • Choose your project: Tailor your project to meet the specific needs of your community.
  • Receive support, guidance, and resources: We offer you extensive support throughout the implementation process.
  • Implement project: Execute your project and watch as your community reaps the benefits of your efforts.

Knowledge and Resources

We supplement your journey with a myriad of resources including videos, case studies, and the latest climate science. Our diverse range of events such as discussion working groups will enhance your knowledge of nature’s climate solutions.

Our resources include:

  • Over 100 Educational Webinars
  • Over 100 Inspirational Featured Creatures
  • Over 10 Scientific Solutions Compendiums
  • On-Staff Restoration Ecologist with Over 100 Classes Taught
  • On-the-ground Tips for Mini Forests, Living Machines, Restored Rivers and Backyard Biodiversity
  • 10 Years Worth of Climate Conferences, Connections, and Collaborations

Why Become an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will:

  • Meet other like-minded changemakers
  • Dive deeper into effective and scalable climate solutions
  • Learn how to develop and supervise a transformative climate initiative
  • Witness the positive outcomes of your environmental justice project
  • Receive a certification upon program completion

Making a Difference Together

No single person can save the world. But the good news is we don’t have to do it alone. Together, our actions add up. Together, we can restore what has been lost.

Contact and Application

Interested in joining us or have any questions? Please contact us at