Ivana Golianová

My name is Ivana Golianova and I have graduated from the University of Sussex with BA in International Development. I am interested in new ways that environmentalism can be introduced through various projects and start ups, and how this can be interconnected with feelings of social responsibility and unity.

Current Project

My project involves adding aspects of environmentalism to primary and secondary schools in Slovakia. This will be done through various projects and activities that will vary in complexity depending on the age of students. This project will consist of setting up an outdoor space where classes are allocated a planting spot to grow herbs and plants, learning about ecosystems whilst being taught responsibility over the planet and things they are growing. Another aspect of this extended curriculum will be the interconnection of local ENGOs, farmers, local produce shops etc., and young people. This will be practiced by guest speakers, such as representatives of ENGOs attending secondary schools, giving presentations about the work they do and allowing the students to ask questions. The involvement of local ENGOs and local produce advocates will act as a tool to inspire young people and discover the beauty of Slovakia and its nature. This partnership can act as a advantage for the students in the future as they will be encouraged to volunteer in such spheres where this initial contact has already been made.