Kolawale Hammed

I am Hammed Dhikrulahi Kolawole from Nigeria. I graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. I have worked as an Intern at the Waste water treatment Laboratory, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, MM1, Ikeja, Lagos where we make sure all pollutants in the Ikeja water system are treated into positive effluents. Presently I am a member of the Environmental Protection and Sanitation group for my community development service (CDS) as part of my one year compulsory Corp services for all graduate. I am also a graduate project research assistant at a chemical engineering industry in Lokoja, Nigeria where we are dedicated to the production of eco-friendly reagents and additive.

Current Project

I am involved in a personal eco restoration project where I plant crops and trees in my community. I have plans to propose doing this enmasse. I will detail my plans below –

Sensitization of my immediate community on the importance of maintaining the ecosystem balance by several eco restoration practices making reference to the “BIO4CLIMATE” restoration project in mexico which transformed the place in two years. Lokoja is an Industrial City with a lot of history. It was home to Lord Lugard, the Colonial Governor of Nigeria prior to the Independence in 1960. Due to the uncontrollable industrial activities, the climate here in Lokoja is unpredictable and bad with flooding and fogging being recorded annually. Bringing the eco restoration project here will go a very long way in saving this monumental city. The restoration project will include-

  1. Planting of trees cross the community
  2. Reduction of open combustion of waste by employing the use of waste management system
  3. The promotion of the use of the new CNG power which will lead to the reduction of car exhausts.