Living Fences & Living Soil for Environmental Justice

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On Thursday, March 28 at 6pm ET, we dived into how agroforestry and eco-restoration initiatives advance environmental justice in frontline communities around the world. Our latest Life Saves the Planet lecture featured John Leary and Pam Agullo of Mother Trees, an organization working on agri-business in Senegal, and Mariama Fatajo of Teja Development, supporting eco-restoration in the Gambia. They shared insights from their experience on how regeneration can support ecological, economic, and communal health.

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Across the globe and especially in the global south, eco-restoration projects can conduct reforestation to combat desertification, regenerate watersheds, and promote the development of sustainable community livelihoods. In the dry regions of Senegal, agroforestry starts with growing the forest. This forest may not look like any you have seen – as it starts with walls of thorny, native trees that create a ten foot tall barrier that protects the crops and starts to rebuild the ecosystem. Join us to learn more about how these living fences, living soil, and other restorative interventions become the foundations for living communities.