Kids fight for their future

Compendium Volume 3 Number 1 July 2019

iMatter is a tight-knit national group of passionate pre-college individuals who are making real impacts in their communities. They are showing up in city halls and state offices, demanding their elected officials at every level possible commit to bold and visionary climate action. Students from Brookline High School in Massachusetts submitted resolutions to their town legislators, saying they’re worried about their future and the future of the environment; their cities agreed and are supporting the Green New Deal. Alec Loorz started the organization Kids vs. Global Warming in California with his mom, Victoria Loorz in 2007, when he was 13 years old. The organization eventually changed its name to iMatter. Alec went on to spearhead the Our Children’s Trust lawsuit against federal and state governments of the United States to secure climate recovery plans that will restore the balance of Earth’s climate systems.   

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